We want to accelerate medical research with Artificial Intelligence

Gregory is a research assistant that scouts trustworthy sources in any field, indexing and filtering the results into a searchable database. Gregory uses Machine Learning to identify relevant research in real time, and Artificial Intelligence to find the key takeaways.

Currently, Gregory is being used for scientific research, empowering doctors and patients to discover new cutting-edge therapies and medications for people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). But this is just the first of Gregory’s many potential applications — from news feeds to industry research, Gregory is fully customizable to your interests and needs.

Cut through the noise

Gregory fetches scientific papers in real time, and then uses Machine Learning and AI to parse what information is most relevant to your interests. Gregory saves your team hours of repetitive work, leaving them more time to dig deeper into research that matters.

Don’t miss key breakthroughs

Customize Gregory to look for specific keywords to your research interest, and set up personalized email notifications to stay atop new exciting research on your field. Gregory also allows teams to adapt and segment emails for different stakeholder audiences, allowing for distinct information levels.

Keep up with trends

Gregory’s analytics dashboard allows teams to track in real time what research terms are becoming more popular. This way you’ll be able to track new treatments or information, and easily check what success rate other researchers have described — and how you can add work that is truly valuable.

Features focused on scientific papers

  • Machine Learning prediction of relevant content
  • Key takeaways extracted using Artificial Intelligence
  • Configure RSS feeds to gather search results for any keyword
  • Configure searches on any public website, not just medical publications
  • Set up automatic email notifications
  • Manage and segment subscribers
  • Public and Private API
  • Customize your own categories to get personalized search results
  • Breakdown broader subjects into different segments
  • Identify and subscribe to authors and their ORCID

Gregory AI for Multiple Sclerosis Research

Running since February 2021

Multiple Sclerosis Research

85,000+ Identified authors

Information is synced with ORCID

16,000+ papers

Synced with to ensure quality

330+ visitors per month

50≈ Daily Users

Academic Research

A machine learning approach for mapping and accelerating multiple sclerosis research

A paper by António Lopes and Bruno Amaral that goes into the preliminary work on a machine learning technique that harnesses the power of intelligent reinforcement learning to map and recommend research material for multiple sclerosis studies. By testing and evaluating a range of machine learning algorithms, we identify the most promising candidate for crafting a comprehensive and effective model for recommending valuable multiple sclerosis research.

The Team

Gregory was started by Bruno Amaral upon his diagnosis and desire to keep up to date with research. The team grew when António Lopes and Margarida Gomes joined.

Supported by

GregoryAI is an open source and independent project that is supported by the Human Singularity Network, a non profit organisation. Through them we are able to process donations and expenses in a transparent way.


GregoryAI is free to download and to use. Should you need any assistace to set up and configure, contact one of our partners.

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Consultancy studio based in Lisbon and main supporter of the project.

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