The Team

While Bruno was the one starting the project, we have only made it this far thanks to some fantastic people.

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António Lopes

Head of Dev. at ISCTE, AI Researcher at IT-IUL, Podcaster (Um sobre Zero)

While not active on GitHub, António has provided valuable guidance and knowledge on developing GregoryAI.

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Bruno Amaral

Digital Strategy at the Lisbon Collective

Bruno began developing GregoryAI in 2021 with what he learned during the 2020 lockdowns and following his diagnosis of MS in late 2019.

Margarida Gomes

Margarida Gomes

Lead Design at the Lisbon Collective

Margarida studied Industrial Design at IADE — Creative University, and as been essential in producing illustrations and branding for GregoryAI's communication channels.

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GitHub Community

We don't walk alone

This software is meant to be free and open source, and several people have contributed with code and suggestions through email and the GitHub community.